, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, provide legal assistance free of charge and under favourable terms to people residing in Estonia. It’s available to all Estonian people whose gross monthly income is below than 1700 euros.

Legal assistance is provided, with a few exceptions, in all legal matters and forms, as a consultation in an office as well as online and by telephone. Clients are advised both in out-of-court proceedings and in court, assistance is also given in preparing documents and communicating with the authorities

Legal Proceedings


Jurist Aitab 


Eesti Õigusbüroo joins

Eesti Õigusbüroo’s team has been developing another legal service platform called for almost a year now as an independent brand next to Eesti Õigusbüroo, but now it’s time to bring those two brands together under one name of

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New era of legal aid – acknowledged Estonian investors invested in the development of the new legal aid platform

Early stage risk investments fund Superangel and Eesti Õigusbüroo concluded an investment contract according to which the fund will contribute to the creation of the legal aid platform and its launch at foreign markets. The process of purchase and sale of the legal aid service will become simpler, more transparent and affordable.

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The first Estonian robot-lawyer is ready

This weekend Eesti Õigusbüroo participated in #BaseCamp haketon, where, within 48 hours, our   IT developers in cooperation with lawyers built the first Estonian robot-lawyer that can help to prepare response letters to claims sent by collection firms. The service is free of charge for people.

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Tasuta õigusabi on sel aastal saanud üle 5100 inimese

Alates sellest kevadest pakub Eesti Õigusbüroo koostöös justiitsministeeriumiga tasuta või turutingimustest soodsamalt õigusabi Eestis elavatele inimestele

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