Counselling via Phone
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This is meant to solve urgent legal issues. Telephone counselling can switch to online counselling depending on the complexity of the problem, or the case will be later discussed with a lawyer at an office. The waiting time for telephone counselling is up to one business day.

Examples: simpler situations in which a person wants to know how she/he can solve it her/himself on the basis of a lawyer’s advice (a bailiff arrested a bank account, how to initiate a succession procedure, how to divorce a marriage, what is joint property, etc).

During the calendar year, all clients of Eesti Õigusbüroo OÜ, who have signed a client agreement and paid a fee of 5 euros, can use the telephone counselling service.

Important to know:
* Advisers are lawyers working allover Estonia
* The total amount of time spent on counselling is counted as time expenditure by a lawyer. The time amount for activities arising from client’s wishes (making inquiries from registries, processing materials, obtaining additional information, and writing letters) can be added to the length of the telephone call.
* If you wish to get guidance over the phone, our Customer Service assistants will help you between 9.00 and 17.00 from Monday to Friday. The phone number is 688 0400. Guidance by phone is free of charge to everyone.
Guidance means, for example, directing a person who needs help to the right authority, or informing on how to use the website